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What is a same day loan?
The name speaks for itself. You can get this kind of loan the same day you apply for it. It’s one of the fastest ways to receive money for people who have a stable income and are at least 18 years old. If you urgently need cash right now for something unexpected and the salary is already gone, same day payday loans can help you to hold on until you get the next payment. 
What are alternative names of same day loans?
Same day loans are also called:
  • Short-term loans;
  • Salary loans;
  • Payday advance loans;
  • Cash advance loans;
  • Fast loans․
What are same day loans advantages?
Same day payday loans have the following pros.
  • Easy and fast access. No need to go somewhere or call the manager. All the reliable places that can give you same day loans are available online. Many organizations are working 24 hours 7 days a week, so you won’t have to wait until Monday to get money if you apply for the loan on the weekend. 
  • Low requirements. Applying for a bank loan can be problematic if you are not old enough or have a bad credit score. But organizations offering same day payday loans online don’t check your credit history. You just have to be at least 18 years old and have a constant source of income.
  • Your property is not involved. Loans in the banks (mortgages, auto loans, etc.) are usually secured by your assets. But in the case of payday loans your property is not involved, meaning that the lender can’t seize it in the case of non-payment. However, keep in mind that they can still send your debt to collections or take you to court.
Are the same day loans expensive?
Yes, same day loans have a high interest rate (on average 1% per day). They are much more expensive than, for example, a standard bank loan. So it’s advised to take a payday loan only if you are completely sure that you will soon get money and pay back. 
Can I get a same day loan online? What will I need for it?
It’s very easy to get payday loans online the same day. The whole process is automated. Just check before applying if you have all the necessary documents and information. Lender organizations have the following basic requirements:
  • You should be at least 18 years old.
  • You should have an active bank account. 
  • You should have proof of a stable income. 
  • You should have a government-issued ID or Social Security number.
What is the process of getting same day loans?
The process takes just a few minutes if you have already chosen a suitable organization that gives quick loans online the same day. Usually you have to do just these 3 easy steps:
  1. Go to the website of your chosen organization.
  2. Fill in the online application. Usually it requires some personal information and your Social Security number.
  3. Agree to the terms (read them carefully beforehand!) and wait for the approval. 
The whole process mostly doesn’t take more than half an hour. 
How fast will I get the money?
It depends on organization. Some of them are working 24/7 and send money to the clients within hours after the approval of the application. If you want to get cash as soon as possible, you have to make sure that the lender is working around the clock. Notice that your money can also be late because of the bank. Before applying for a 24-hour payday loan make sure that your bank account is active and doesn’t have a negative balance. 
What else can I choose if I don’t want same day loans?
There are a few alternatives to same day payday loans online. Each of them has its pros and cons. You can choose what’s better for you. 

Credit card

If you have a good credit score and can wait for a few days, then you can apply for a credit card. Low interest rate is the biggest advantage in this case. However your usage limit can be very low if your score is not good or if you already have other loans. 

Fast personal loan

Another alternative is a fast personal loan. This kind of loan is less expensive which can attract in the first place. But you should keep in mind that approval for personal loans is usually stricter than with the same day payday loans. Carefully check your eligibility before applying. 

Auto title loans

Just like with the two previous cases, this kind of loan appears to be less expensive. Also, the approval process is very easy and fast. However, in this case you can lose your car if you don’t pay the loan on time. If you need fast cash, it’s better to take an unsecured loan that doesn’t put your property at risk. 

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Still having second thoughts?
With us you won’t need to wait for the approval of the personal loan for weeks. We can help you to get the cash you need in a secure and fast way. Fill in the application now and get the money in 1 day!

Still having second thoughts? With us you won’t need to wait for the approval of the personal loan for weeks. We can help you to get the cash you need in a secure and fast way. Fill in the application now and get the money in 1 day!

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