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Money management, sometimes, seems difficult and even impossible. However, many of us can’t properly manage our money. Because of bad management, some of us appear in dire financial straits and the huge debts choking us. 

According to some researches, Americans are pretty bad at managing finances. However, even if you find yourself among these Americans, there is still hope for you. It is all about bad financial habits that you should not have – people often hide behind their problems and do not allow themselves to achieve well-being. By thoroughly examining the opinions of financial experts, we will tell you 7 great tested tips on how to manage your money the right way. Everyone can lose control of their finances in a lifetime; they can run into big financial problems. The important thing is not to despair and take immediate steps to manage finances properly. 

Here are 7 fundamental tips to manage your money:

Do not buy things to cheer you up. 

To make yourself happy while shopping is a terrible financial habit. How often do you make unplanned purchases? According to some scientists, American consumers make at least 3 unplanned purchases per week, and this seriously affects their budget. 

You can risk your budget by buying a lot of unnecessary things. And even if they were cheaper, it will make you spend an impressive amount by the end of the year.

Instead of buying things to cheer you up, you can spend your time with your family and friends, you can play, and of course, it will cheer you up no worse than shopping, and it will be safer for your wallet and finances. 

Limit your credit card purchases and treat it as if it were your money

Often careless purchases and wasted money make credit cards peoples’ worst enemy. When you run out of money and lose your financial balance, often without thinking about the consequences, you turn to credit cards, and in the end, you realize that you cannot pay the balance. Often, some amount on a credit account can create the illusion that you have extra money, and you can spend it. Remember, card debts must be paid off every month so as not to face interest payments for using the account. 

Plan your vacations in advance

You want to relax and have a rest? Do you think about a vacation? But leave everything to be decided in the last days? You make a big mistake, do not forget that an unplanned break can hit your finances hard because the vacation expenses are higher. Also, you need to remember that the time of the year affects the price of a flight, you can pay twice cheaper only if you plan your vacation for a few months in advance. 

Manage your money – bulk purchases.

It is not wrong when you make big purchases at once, especially if you buy non-perishable items, in case of big purchases you will get a big discount, and it will help you to save money and manage your finances properly.  

      Home supplies of necessary things (cereals, toilet paper, shampoos, etc.) will save you from the attraction to buy something extra because a vital stock is already in the pantry. So before you shop, you will make a list of what you need. 

Use loyalty programs and tickets

Many organizations give their permanent customers discounts and bonuses. And it is very short-sighted not to use loyalty programs because these are not only bonus cards on which points are accumulated for subsequent deals. For instance, some airline companies give individual miles to pay for tickets.

And if you often forget and get confused about many bonus cards and discounts, you can collect all the information about your discounts on the phone. It will help you to remember to use them if necessary.  

Manage your money: Bargain whenever is possible

In many countries, shopping lovers like to bargain when selling or buying goods. This is a great way to save money. You can negotiate almost everywhere, for example when you buy a house, car or furniture, be sure there is always a chance to get a discount if you can bargain. Do not miss the opportunity to save money; negotiate as much as possible.

Manage your money wisely and created a budget in advance

If you still have a week to pay, and you already cook buckwheat to live this time somehow, we have bad news: you are misspending money. With the correct distribution of expenses, such non-cash days should not be. It is worth reviewing the budget frequently and excluding the purchase of items that put you in debt.

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