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How anybody can think of analyzing and managing their capital while not being an expert in the field? 

In today’s fast-developing world, it is nearly impossible to follow a micro managerial system. Money owners do not necessarily have sufficient knowledge and capabilities to engage themselves in studying the market, searching for opportunities, understanding the banking system, debt, and money management. Making an informed decision requires experience, information, reliable data, and weighing alternatives. Therefore, the assistance of financial advisors becomes a necessity.

This article provides an overview of the role of and approach to financial advisors. It first presents the financial advisor’s job, the time when you need an advisor then proposes critical questions to ask a potential financial advisor. Eventually, learning expands the mind and puts us all on the right path. 

What Does a Financial Advisor Do?

A financial advisor:

  • is a knowledgeable expert that is capable of designing personal budgetary plans.
  • enables their clients to attain the financial stability they wish to achieve.
  • helps clients plan their long-term investments, savings, budget, insurance, and taxation. 
  • evaluates and re-evaluates the financial status of their clients to advise about any possible pitfall. They also inform about opportunities when they happen.   

When Do You Require a Financial Advisor?

In fact, it takes a lot of effort to make a financial decision. Estate planning, retirement planning, education finance, investment opportunities, and knowing about taxation are all possible when having a reliable financial expert. The latter can support your decisions regarding the processes outlined. Financial advisors can also devise strategies and suggest loaning options. Below are some indicators that serve as an alert to the need for financial advisors’ interference.  

  • You are thinking of the utilization and disbursement of your budget and assets.
  • You have financial expansion plans, but not sure about the potential. 
  • You are still a student and need assistance in retaining a balance between financing your education and other occurring expenses. 
  • You need a loan but are unsure which loan type is the most convenient one.
  • You require assistance in managing your taxes.
  • You have savings, but do not know how to invest.   
  • You have a set business plan and need funding options.
  • You have some investments, but you are constantly losing money.
  • You do not have clear financial plans. 
  • You are working, but unable to attain your financial aims.
  • You are going through financial instability.

What Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor Before Hiring?

Many, especially starters, find the process of hiring and trusting a financial advisor daunting. To whom to explain their own weaknesses and have a new insight?  To whom to trust their accumulated wealth preservation? 

When you are clear on your financial requirements and have a potential applicant for the role of a financial advisor, here are key questions to ask. The questions help you sense how well the applicant will perform and support your decisions.  

Ask the applicant to

  1. tell you about his/her educational background. This shows the financial areas in which the applicant is specialized. 
  1. brief about his/her work experience. This indicates the experiences the applicant gained during employment times. 
  1. present the type of clients he/she assisted and still assisting. This signposts the social background of the people the applicant interacts with. It also offers further information about the responsibility level and area of expertise.  
  1. clarify his/her own approach to clients and how often he/she speaks to them. This serves as an indicator of fiduciary, loyalty, and trustworthiness. 
  1. clarify the time that can be allocated to a new client. Comparing the answer to this question with the previous one helps appreciate the accuracy of the applicant and the commitment level.  
  1. state the expected compensation. This helps to know whether the applicant is logical in his/her demand. It also helps you to know the commitment expected from you. 
  1. explain a specific concept of concern. In that way, you can appreciate if the advisor can deliver the information and make you digest it.
  1. give you hints on how it is possible to maintain your situation. Of course, you should start by outlining your current financial situation and vision. The applicant can provide instances of lessons learned and past experiences. He/she may also suggest plans. In that way, you can understand whether the advisor will be successful in the role.  
  1. present the value that the job adds to him/ her as a person. This works as a clue about the passion for the role the advisor has and enjoys having. Eventually, one can be successful if he or she plays the role with passion. 
  1.  to outline his vision and the level of skill he/she aspires to. Ambition is a drive to achieve success. If the applicant lacks this attribute, your success may be meaningless to him. 


Asking questions to financial advisors feels like an exercise in discovering what you do not know. Financial advisors are skilled at providing information in the most precise way. They are experts in researching and reverting with investment advice, debt management, savings, retirement, and estate plans. They suggest means for reducing your taxes and plan your education funding. In that way, it would be possible to save time and resources. 

Due to the variety of financial demands, you should select the financial advisor that has specialization in the area where you need assistance. Therefore, think seriously about what questions to ask a financial advisor while hiring. Remember, you only stand to benefit from experiences that augment your own.

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