Robert McMillen

Robert is an entrepreneur, finance professional, consultant and a passionate writer. For many years using his industry knowledge and experience he has helped his clients to create more wealth and reduce costs. He has worked with multiple businesses developing effective financial strategies. Testtttt

Recent Articles

Personal Loan for Business Use: Dos and Don’ts

Personal Loan for Business Use: Dos and Don’ts

It is not a secret that business is a profit-generating activity that requires financing to get started. Funds are necessary to secure workspace, hire employees, cover operational expenses, purchase equipment, and promote the business. When thinking about how to...

Complete Guide On 3 Month Payday Loans

Complete Guide On 3 Month Payday Loans

An instant need for car repair, a medical emergency, an unexpected situation, and you cannot postpone acting…You think for a moment and realize that paying any unordinary expense will get you broken. However, you need immediate financial assistance. On the other hand,...

Secured vs Unsecured Loans: Know the Difference

Know the Difference, Especially When Loan Virgin With all the overwhelming loaning options offered by financial entities, one would be bewildered. There is a lot of trade-offs and choices, but also many considerations to be aware of. One of the first considerations is...

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